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The invention of MotoBarrow® came about through a hardscape project that taxed everyone including the professional landscaper beyond their physical abilities.

The MotoBarrowSand, rock, and concrete delivered curb side needed to be hauled uphill and over terrain to the backyard without damaging the existing landscape. We needed a product that functioned like a standard wheelbarrow but would take out the exhaustive work of pushing.

The inventor, Roger Simons capitalized on his lifelong experience in service, testing, and product development in the outdoor power equipment industry to conceptualize and develop MotoBarrow®. Built with adaptability in mind, this tool is designed to retrofit a standard wheelbarrow and give professionals and homeowners the ability to work harder with less effort.We appreciate your consideration of MotoBarrow®



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Presenting the MotoBarrow!

Save Time and Money with the MotoBarrow!

  • Do you use a wheelbarrow for your business or at home?
  • Do your employees or you tire quickly, becoming less productive?
  • Do you work on uneven, sandy, muddy, or stony terrain?
  • Do your worksites prohibit the use of heavy machinery to load or unload tools and materials?
  • Do you have trouble transporting into hard-to-reach areas?






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